There is no doubt that we work in an industry filled with challenges to overcome. However, throughout my career working with America’s hospitals and health systems, I have found that organizations make the most progress focusing on building up strengths and then closing gaps with areas that are not working well. Time and time again, our culture can rise to the occasion to let our best and brightest team members bring our mission forward to assure patients receive the very best care possible.

Have you ever wondered how you can leverage your culture to achieve better results? Recently our team at HealthStream was inspired to conduct an empirical study of the impact of culture on key performance outcomes. With so much uncertainty in healthcare today, we wanted to test the value of high performing cultures create for their patients, employees, and providers. In particular, we wanted to assess the attributes of culture that equip organizations to achieve great outcomes. Our study was published this month in the Journal of Healthcare Leadership.  I hope you will take a moment to read about the study.