“I have had the privilege to work with Katie in this world of challenging healthcare organizations to more effectively engage their workforce in order to deliver world-class service. I’ve seen her deliver that message to large and small audiences with passion , humor, and heartfelt emotion. Her ability to make her message practical and yet imperative always leaves her audience wanting to change the world they live in for the better.” Al Stubblefield, President Emiritus, Baptist Health Care


“Katie is a remarkable, gifted and inspirational leader who has an unrelenting passion for helping organizations achieve and sustain a culture of patient-centered excellence, engagement, empathy and compassion —all key to the exceptional patient experience. Her coaching skills are nothing short of amazing, as is her ability to help people embrace and demonstrate concrete best practices that benefit patients and families, while also rekindling in staff their sense of purpose and mission.  I’ve found partnering with Katie to be extremely gratifying.  She is energetic, direct, generous, creative, and supportive, and she really exemplifies the spirit of collaboration.” Wendy Leebov, ED.D., Founder and Partner, Language of Caring


“If healthcare in the United States is going to fulfill its mandate to provide high-quality care to all its citizens, Katie Owens and her work will be a contributing factor. I’ve had the great honor of working with Katie over the past decade and I have always been extremely impressed with her combined display of drive and compassion. She is a next-generation leader who is humble, kind and passionate about improving healthcare delivery. Most of all, she gets results through her unique approach and ability to improve HCAHPS through cultural transformation.”  Merrie Spaeth, President, Spaeth Communications, Inc.


“ Katie helps us to understand there has to be a balance to the data of HCAHPS with keeping the patient at the Center. One is ineffective without the other.” Kathy Boswell, Director of Patient Experience and Community Wellness, Baptist Health System