Katie’s Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Confidence in the Engagement of Your Patients 

When it comes to the patient experience are you confident or in crisis mode? Does every employee and provider understand the mission critical role they play in achieving a culture of person-centered excellence across the continuum of care? This session focuses on the journey to confidence in the consistency of your patient experience.

  • Diagnosing your gaps
  • Re-empathizing with your patients and their loved ones
  • Establishing people-centered communication
  • Creating systems of accountability to reward and coach

The Culture Imperative: How Culture will Equip or Derail Your Performance Outcomes

The old adage Culture eats Strategy for lunch is no longer something we feel or believe to be true. This session quantifies the impact of culture on Employee and Provider Engagement, Patient Experience, Value Based Purchasing and Turnover. Current uncertainty for the future of the healthcare landscape is placing an increasing amount of pressure on leadership teams to be prepared to steer their organization forward in a number of potential directions. White knuckling through change will not work this time, this engaging session equips attendees to activate their cultures by addressing four elements of culture.

Presence, Conviction and Grit: Workforce Confidence Impacts the Patient Experience- What we Know So Far…

Confidence plays a vital role in every aspect of life. But, does confidence equip caregivers to deliver better patient experiences? Confidence is recognized as one of the most influential factors to affect performance. Individual, leader, and team confidence play essential roles in achieving success and the absence of confidence has been connected with failure. While confidence is not a substitute for competency, it creates trusting relationships, empowerment, and resiliency to persevere when challenges arise. In this presentation, Katie will share findings from her study examining the role of workforce confidence in relation to patient experience performance. We found that higher workforce confidence in the patient experience provided is related to higher patient ratings of their experience while lower workforce confidence is linked with lower patient ratings. Let’s talk about closing the confidence gap!

Perspective is Everything: Evidence to Elevate Workforce Engagement

We count on our workforce to provide the best possible care 24/7. Trust is the foundation of all human relationships- how are we cultivating a culture that equips our employees and providers to give their very best always?  Patients see, feel and experience employees and providers who are engaged and disengaged. What can we do differently? This session will unveil our 2016 National Benchmarking Study on Employee Engagement of over 250,000 healthcare employees and providers. Participants will learn:

  • Leading practices to positively impact engagement in their organization.
  • Utilize key trends and drivers to impact Employee and Provider Engagement
  • Equip attendees with evidence-based practices to create a culture of person-centered excellence

Resuscitate Your Competencies to Improve the Patient Experience and Create Engagement

All too often, there are disconnects between competency evaluations and quality outcomes. Competencies have been defined by the American Hospital Association as “the combination of knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and individual and social behaviors needed for an individual to effectively perform a job.” This sound, strong definition has been relegated to a place of “technical necessity.” With all of the best intentions, our industry has taken a crucial component of workforce development and devalued it to fulfill a compliance requirement, rather than promoting its use to ensure competence and progression toward mastery. Competence is necessary in clinical skills, as well as leadership abilities. Competencies should not reinforce “staying in your lane” but should give leaders, staff and providers levers to influence outcomes. This session will illuminate ways to take your competencies to the next level to accelerate your journey to patient and family centered excellence.

The CAHPS Imperative for Creating and Sustaining Person-Centered Excellence

The CAHPS Program is growing across the continuum of care. Patients now have more ways to hold us accountability for the quality and consistency of their experience of care. This interactive, high-intensity session focuses on:

  • Creating urgency for change and building Moments that Matter by understanding CAHPS vs. Satisfaction
  • Identify effort and performance gaps that exist
  • Share evidence-based practices for closing the gaps with CAHPS performance
  • Put Measurement to Action
    • Accountability
    • Communication
    • Patient Experience Mapping

Building Healthy Teams

We spend more time at work with our co-workers than our loved ones. Connection to others and relationships define the health of our organizational culture and make an impact on personal health and well-being. If you feel like you are walking on eggshells sometimes, there are ways to build a better, more cohesive team and create interprofessional team collaborations. Let’s take a deep breath and #elevateteamwork together.

  • The Why—Review the power of healthy relationships
  • The What—Determine the process of building healthy relationships
  • The How—Demonstrate healthy relationships in action
  • The When and Where—Master healthy relationships at your Organization

Making the Commitment: Leading and Living the Culture

  • Share personal change stories of successful leaders
  • Learn key behaviors for the “Always Leader”
  • Identify one personal change you can adopt today